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Precision TCXO for Cospas-Sarsat Beacon Applications

Connor-Winfield's precision TCXOs are ideally suited for the next generation of emergency beacon applications. These TCXOs are specifically designed to acheive the medium term stability necessary for Cospas-Sarsat compliance. This enables a compact, low-cost alternative to traditional OCXOs in emergency beacon applicatons.


Emergency distress beacons are small, battery-powered devices that can be carried aboard aircraft (ELT - Emergency Locator Transmitter), ships (EPIRB - Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon), or on a person (PLB - Personal Locator Beacon). Once these devices are activated, they transmit a signal detectable by search and rescue authorities. Beacons are regulated by Cospas-Sarsat, an international organization for the search and rescue of people in distress. The Cospas-Sarsat system uses a constellation of satellites and a network of earth stations that provide distress alert and location information to rescue teams worldwide. The signals transmitted by the beacon enable the system to calculate its position within a few km. The beacon's correct operation depends on the stability of the reference oscillator used to generate the MHz transmitter signal.

Historically, OCXOs fit the design to provide the transmtter signal, however, they require significant power and time to heat the internal oven. Connor-Winfield's new TCXOs have lower power consumption and a start up time of 1 ms to immediately provide stable output frequency. Incorporating the TCXOs into designs leads to increased batter life or smaller and lighter packaging resulting from smaller battery requirements.


Emergency Beacon


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