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Connor-Winfield is a long established leader in the electronic manufacturing and high precision frequency control device industries. Our design engineers' and staff's vigilant focus on innovative products, and understanding the direction of the industry, gives us the opportunity to share some of this information. We welcome you utilizing our Support Page for reference and to possibly find answers to your questions in the White Papers and Application Notes.

GPS Week Rollover

2019 April 6 GPS Week Rollover Firmware Update

On April 6, 2019 the week counter will reach week 1023 and rollover to zero on affected GPS models. To transition corectly through the Week 0 time period a firmware update is required.

GPS timing for WiMAx

Precision OCXOs & TCXOs for Time & Frequency Sync Standards

Connor Winfield has created a list of precision OCXOs and TCXOs that support the various network technologies such as Synchronous Ethernet, Sonet, OTN and IEEE1588, high-lighting the key requirements for the clocks supporting the required standards at the various levels of the network elements being designed for.

GPS timing for WiMAx

GPS Based Timing and Synchronization Solutions for WiMax

To compete in the lucrative broadband marketplace, WiMax equipment designers require cost-effective and application-ready timing/frequency devices. As seen in Wireless Design and Development.

Crystal design considerations

Advantages and Challenges of Third-Overtone IC Crystals

Proper consideration of the differences in 3OT crystal and the IC oscillator design should make the combination a success. As Seen in the April Issue of Electronic Products.

Ryton R-4 Covers

Material Properties for Ryton R-4 Covers

Engineering properties for Connor-Winfield's Ryton R-4 fiberglass reinforced polyphenylene sulfide cover.

OCXO Layout Guidlines

Printed Circuit Board Layout Guidelines for OCXO Oscillators

System design information and techniques to help ensure successful printed circuit board layout using an oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO). Application Note: AN2093.


Aging Performance in Crystals

Aging is the change in crystal frequency over time and needs to be accounted for in the application


Choosing an AT or SC cut for OCXOs

The use of different crystal cuts in frequency control applications result in different performance


Implementing a Location Tracking Device Using the Terminus GSM864QP-V1.00

Location Tracking Terminal for Remote Communication Applications

Pure Spectrum

What Does Pure Spectrum Mean?

New technologies that compete in the traditional crystal oscillator arena

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