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Synchronous Clock Generators

Connor-Winfield's HCMOS surface-mountable Synchronous Clock Generators are designed to be reference clock sources which lock to one or two backplane references from the Timing/Sync Cards. CMOS reference inputs are typically 8 kHz to 25 MHz and have single or multiple outputs with levels of CMOS, LVPECL or both. Output frequencies go as high as 670 MHz. Dual reference inputs are designed to switch hitlessly using select pins. Locked bandwidths range from 3 Hz to 74 Hz to achieve excellent jitter attenuation. A Loss-of-Lock alarm is available with manual or automatic 20 ppm Freerun operation. All Synchronous Clock Generators are complete timing systems with little or no external components required.

All SCG products are well suited for use in line cards, service termination cards and similar functions to provide reliable reference phase locked synchronization for TDM, PHD, SONET, SDH and Synchronous Ethernet network equipment.

Frequency Translator

LVCMOS SCG (21x20x9 mm)

Frequency Translator

LVCMOS/LVPECL SCG (26x20x9 mm)

Frequency Translator

Dual LVPECL Output SCG (20x31x11.5 mm)

Frequency Translator

LVPECL SCG (26x25x12 mm)

Frequency Translator

Quad-Output, Multi-Logic, SCG (34x25x10 mm)